Irvine Welsh, Trainspotting and Filth

I recently read Trainspotting, Irvine Welsh’s infamous work set amongst a drug-addicted group of friends flitting about Edinburgh. The book is written in a code-switching dance of English and Scots. The book was loads of fun to read. It was cringey, sick, unforgettable, hilarious, and subversive. Irvine Welsh deserves to be admitted to the god-level […]


Sitting in solitude I soak in my misery Darkness and depression have damaged my spirit Wanting to weave a way out To levity and light and laughter and fun. Yet I’m Trapped in this pit Crawling my way through the muck I will not submit Down I slide. Still I’m stuck.

Netflix’s Invisible City Part 4: Curupira

Curupira is the protector of the forest. He has red hair, and his feet are facing backwards. This means that his tracks always lead away from his actual location. The legend states that he loves tobacco and alcohol, specifically cachaça. In order to appease him, those who ventured into the forest would leave offerings of […]

Netflix’s Invisible City Part 3: Iara

Iara is the siren-firgure of Brazilian folklore. The legend states that she was an accomplished warrior and daughter of an Amazonian shaman. Her skills easily surpassed those of her jealous brothers, so they conspired to kill her. They were no match for Iara, and she ended up killing them both. As a punishment for killing […]

Netflix’s Invisible City, Part 2: The Cuca

When I was little, my family would tell me that if I did not behave, Thelma Harper from Mama’s Family would come and get me. For some reason, that seemed to work for a while. Although now, perversely, Mama’s Family is still one of my favorite shows. Aross many cultures, parents rely on traditional monsters […]

Netflix’s Invisible City, Part 1: Saci

More people need to watch Netflix’s Invisible City (Cidade Invisível in Portuguese) because it is an amazing show and I have no one to discuss it with! I try to join in on the Brazilian fan groups, but my Portuguese is not good enough for in-depth discussions. The series is a beautifully woven story that […]

Runnin’ around like a Striped Haint

Have you ever heard of something being “scarier than a striped haint?” Or someone “runnin’ around like a striped haint?” Striped is pronounced with two syllables in this expression, “stripèd haint.” Southerners will no doubt be familiar with the term haint, which is a ghost or spirit. However, striped haint is an obscure phrase that […]

Welcome to my little nook on the net

My name is Eric, and I have a life-long obsession with languages. I will be blogging mostly about language and film, though I may stray into other topics. This is my playground; I am here to have fun. I am not sure the purpose or the audience of this blog. It will evolve over time. […]

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