Netflix’s Invisible City Part 4: Curupira

Curupira is the protector of the forest. He has red hair, and his feet are facing backwards. This means that his tracks always lead away from his actual location. The legend states that he loves tobacco and alcohol, specifically cachaça. In order to appease him, those who ventured into the forest would leave offerings of cachaça and tobacco for him. Some legends state that Curupira would kill those who entered the forest with bad intentions, such as to hunt or cut down trees. Curupira is often cited as the reason for those who go missing in the forest.

Saci (left) and Curupira (right)

The forest is a major motif in the series, given its importance to the plot, the legends, and the culture as a whole.n the show. However, Curupira, the protector of the forest, is an indigent when we first meet him. Invisible City keeps his love of alcohol because when we first meet Iberê (his human name), he is an alcoholic living on the streets. Saci looks after him as he would a family member. I hope we will see more of Curupira in season 2!

I have posted about my favorite legends from the show, but there several others that fascinating themselves: the corpo-seco, Tutu Marambá, the pink river dolphin. The series has brought these imaginative tales to a brand new audience. I have learned so much about Brazilian culture from these episodes, and I cannot wait to see more.

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