Netflix’s Invisible City Part 3: Iara

Iara is the siren-firgure of Brazilian folklore. The legend states that she was an accomplished warrior and daughter of an Amazonian shaman. Her skills easily surpassed those of her jealous brothers, so they conspired to kill her. They were no match for Iara, and she ended up killing them both.

As a punishment for killing her brothers, her father had her thrown into the river. It was a full moon night, and the fish of the river decided to save her and transform her into the Lady of the Water. Now, she lures men with her beauty and song into the water and drags them to their death at the bottom of the river. It is said that if Iara’s prey does manage to escape, he will lose his mind, only able to be cured by a pajé or shaman. Iara’s legend has a sense of revenge unlike the European siren. The sirens are simply monsters that lure men to their deaths without clear motive, but Iara is out for blood.

Inês (left) and Camila (right)

Jessica Córes portrays Camila/Iara in Invisible City in a pivotal role. As with all of the characters, she has the ability to appear in human form, but aside from that,Camila mostly follows the characteristics of the legend.

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