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Welcome to my blog! I mostly blog about language and film, and any other topic that I find fascinating. This is my creative outlet, my linguistic playground. Thanks for stopping by!

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Irvine Welsh, Trainspotting and Filth

I recently read Trainspotting, Irvine Welsh’s infamous work set amongst a drug-addicted group of friends flitting about Edinburgh. The book is written in a code-switching dance of English and Scots. The book was loads of fun to read. It was cringey, sick, unforgettable, hilarious, and subversive. Irvine Welsh deserves to be admitted to the god-level […]


Sitting in solitude I soak in my misery Darkness and depression have damaged my spirit Wanting to weave a way out To levity and light and laughter and fun. Yet I’m Trapped in this pit Crawling my way through the muck I will not submit Down I slide. Still I’m stuck.

Netflix’s Invisible City Part 4: Curupira

Curupira is the protector of the forest. He has red hair, and his feet are facing backwards. This means that his tracks always lead away from his actual location. The legend states that he loves tobacco and alcohol, specifically cachaça. In order to appease him, those who ventured into the forest would leave offerings of […]

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